Thursday, March 24, 2011

Testimonial- Olivenol Plus

I have just given birth to a cute baby. BTW, he's my second baby. I had a C-Section duing the first baby and the recovery period from my incision was quite a painful experience. I had difficulty to get up from the bed to care for my new born and experience pain from time to time whenever I coughed and sneezed. That went on for at least a month to be specific. Due to those reasons, I have been hoping for a normal delivery for my second one. Everything was smooth going until the very end of the delivery stage, my doctor told me that my baby was stressed and his head was not at the right position. These two reasons cause my doctor to recommend me to go for emergency ceaserean. I had not hesitation at that moment due to the safety of my baby.

One day after my operation, my husband came to visit me with a new found product called: Olivenol Plus. He told me that he found out from a blog (Thanks, Akak Farmasi) that this new product has got very good healing entity. I was a bit sceptical at first, but no harm trying, right? I took only a capsul a day.

I started to feel the difference in my body (especially the pain on the incision) on the 5th day. I can get up from the bed more easily and on the 8th day, I can get up from bed wihout pain at all!! Many people claimed that the older you get, the harder the healing process take place. It was 5 years ago when I went through my first C-Section. And now after 5 years, I feel my body heal faster than before. I am very sure it's Olivenol Plus that does the miracle. I have not doubt to recommend this product to any new mother who goes through C-Section. It's indeed a joy to be a mother, but isn't it's more wonderful when you are free from the unnecesary prolong pain?

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