Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The 5-in-1 Spray That Works!

Neibac is:
1. Anti-microbial
2. Anti-septic
3. Anti-fungal
4. Anti-rheumatic
5. Anti-oxidant

This product can help you in your treatment of:

A) Illness

Digestive upsets: Gastointestinal disorders, Diarrhea and Food poisoning.

Infections from: Parasites (single & multi-celled), Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Candida yeast infections, Thrush and Chronic fatigue.

Oral infections: Tooth plaque, Gum disorders, Breath freshener and Mouthwash. Cold & Flu, Sore throats, Strep throat, Ear inflammation/ pain, Gassiness, Sinusitis and much more!

B) Skin Diseases

Acne, Athletes foot, Nail fungus infections.

Skin infections: Fungal/ Bacterial/ Parasitic/ Viral/ Ringworm, Cuts/ Wounds. Warts, Poison Ivy/ Poison oak, Rashes, Jock itch, Shaving itch, Dandruff, Cold sores/ Herpes, Head lice, Chickenpox, Cracked lips, Toothbrush cleaning and much more!

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