Friday, June 11, 2010

What does durian mean to you?

"Honey! I'm home.. with durian!". "Mummy, let's have durian dinner tonight". These are just some of the common remakes during such season. Yeah, the durian season is here again. Generally in this durian island, 90% of the community view durian as a gift of God. "What did you say? A gift???" Some of those who are phobia of this fruit may exclaim now... Ha ha ha.. Hey, I guess some would even attempt to worship durian as their 'God of prosperity'. Why not? In season like this, which repeats at least 2 times a year now- some people go as far as making it their staple food, at least for the next one month! Their eat durian for breakfast, for lunch, for tea time, for dinner.. and the list goes on. I wonder how many economy rice vendor switch their rice stall to durian stall. I even heard some companies give away free durian to their staffs. What a good reward, huhh?
Durian season may also means a season of running nose, cough, sore throat and fever. This will means more work for the mother with sick children, children missing school due to sickness and the parents have to take leave to care for them, difficulties to perform due to all the unnecessary side effect of having too much of durian- teachers, sales person, insurance agent.. etc. Well, it does affect many if not everyone. For me, my husband and my four year old boy.. we are kind of a durian freak. Well, we are the 90%. Pure Malaysian. LoL..
We keep ourselves protected with Protecur 100 especially throughout this season. Better be safe than sorry. We took a cup of it each time having our durian feast, and it's helpful and effective. PROTECUR 100.. Anyone?

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