Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BEAUTISLEEP - Testimonial

“I am 52 and my wife is 49. I was introduced to BEAUTISLEEP to remove my pot belly. After the first week of taking it, I noticed my stomach became bigger. I thought I should stop taking it. Lucky for me I consulted the distributor who advised me to continue as while losing fat, my lean muscle mass also increased. It was the lean muscle behind the stomach fat that was tightening and increasing in muscularity that pushed the stomach fat outwards making it appear to look big. The fat took a longer time to reduce than the increase in muscle mass. A few weeks later I am now noticing a slimmer stomach. My wife who after taking BEAUTISLEEP, is slim and firm now. Her breasts are more pronounced.
The bonus that came along for my wife and I was that we are now enjoying the best sex of our life. My wife is more (touch) sensitive, more sensual and more romantic. . I felt my penis is larger than before and I last longer now. BEAUTISLEEP really pack the OOMPH into my lovemaking. ”
Businessman and housewife

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